SEO Tips to Bear in Mind In Order to Keep Your Site Updated

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2016 is slowly and gradually fading out as we’re just four months away from beginning the countdown for 2017. But are you adequately geared and prepared to stand up to the new challenges and opportunities that the New Year will herald? Understandably, more and more businesses will go online in an effort to woo customers in the virtual world aka the World Wide Web as the number or individuals surfing the net especially to make purchases will definitely burgeon. If is to be believed, every month nearly 12 billion searches are carried out on the Internet only in the US. You’ll be at your wits’ end if you attempt to guesstimate the global figure.

Needless to say, the significance of SEO will receive a tremendous boost as a myriad of businesses, both big and small, throughout the world, will go out of the way to improve their sites’ ranking on SERPs of popular search engines. Needless to say, if you wish to stay ahead of the rat race, you’ll have to see to it that the images and illustrations on the site appear as realistic on smartphones as these do on PCs or desktops. More than 60% of all online searches will be carried out on mobiles and smartphones and the bulk of all orders for products or services will be routed through these gadgets.

You’ll have to keep updating content on your site by routinely posting fresh content without compromising on the quality front. So, what are the SEO trends and patterns that’ll be trending in the upcoming year that you’ll need to keep an eye on?

  1. Majority will surf on their smartphones or tabs

If your site is not mobile-friendly then it’s time you optimized the site for interfaces on smartphones both Android and iPhone-based. Majority of sites of branded products and services have been customized for easy downloading on mobiles. Make sure that your e-commerce site appears the same across all kinds of digital devices. The total number of smartphone users surfing the net on their gadgets has increased by 43% over the years.

  1. Companies will be more visible on automated social media

Conduct a search with the keywords ‘shingle roofing’ on your web browser and you’re most likely to see the Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profile pages of companies and firms on the top of the SERP. Make your site optimized for listing on automated social media.

  1. Footages will continue to make an impact

Upload sufficient YouTube videos on your site if you’re serious about improving its SERP ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 62% of all searches on Google are for videos and footages. Videos will help you garner a better rank on search engines compared to static texts or contents.

  1. Aggregation of content will play a stellar role

Upload and upgrade content that basically revolves around wiki, social media, Google maps, videos, and images. Users look forward to obtaining info about a specific topic at a single place or site.

  1. Users will be completely hooked on mobile apps

As per one survey by Tech Crunch, users are seen dabbling in apps for 89% of the time they remain online. Station enough links and hyperlinks of popular apps that connect to your site directly.

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