3 SEO methods that you should avoid to get your website ranked well

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The techniques of SEO keep changing and it is really important to stay updated with the change in dynamics. If you have been trying hard and you were not able to achieve the desired results then it is time you changed your strategy. There are times when people keep trying pretty hard but it is really difficult for them to rank well on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. We are listing down some of the techniques that you should start avoiding to get your website ranked on the search engines:

Link exchanges

It is high time that you start avoiding link exchanges and reciprocal linking. This technique was really helpful a decade ago, but in present scenario it is very easy for the search engines to understand that you’re using useless links to get yourself ranked. A link is only helpful if it is pointed to a related material that adds value to the website. You can’t just swap links with any other site that’s not related to your niche.

Article submissions

If you have been submitting articles on some popular submission sites like Ezine or other directories then you should stop right now. This is an old technique that has become non-existent. If you’re just trying to get some quick links back for your website then it will never help. You need to make a strategy to create effective blog posts and get your link out on the web through guest posts.

Ignoring design

If you have been ignoring the design and attractiveness of your blog then you need to change your habit. Today it is really important to have effective design that can help you in attracting visitors. It is not just about attracting traffic as you need to make sure that they stay on your website for more time and click on the correct areas.


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