SEO Tips to Bear in Mind In Order to Keep Your Site Updated

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2016 is slowly and gradually fading out as we’re just four months away from beginning the countdown for 2017. But are you adequately geared and prepared to stand up to the new challenges and opportunities that the New Year will herald? Understandably, more and more businesses will go online in an effort to woo customers in the virtual world aka the World Wide Web as the number or individuals surfing the net especially to make purchases will definitely burgeon. If is to be believed, every month nearly 12 billion searches are carried out on the Internet only in the US. You’ll be at your wits’ end if you attempt to guesstimate the global figure.

Needless to say, the significance of SEO will receive a tremendous boost as a myriad of businesses, both big and small, throughout the world, will go out of the way to improve their sites’ ranking on SERPs of popular search engines. Needless to say, if you wish to stay ahead of the rat race, you’ll have to see to it that the images and illustrations on the site appear as realistic on smartphones as these do on PCs or desktops. More than 60% of all online searches will be carried out on mobiles and smartphones and the bulk of all orders for products or services will be routed through these gadgets.

You’ll have to keep updating content on your site by routinely posting fresh content without compromising on the quality front. So, what are the SEO trends and patterns that’ll be trending in the upcoming year that you’ll need to keep an eye on?

  1. Majority will surf on their smartphones or tabs

If your site is not mobile-friendly then it’s time you optimized the site for interfaces on smartphones both Android and iPhone-based. Majority of sites of branded products and services have been customized for easy downloading on mobiles. Make sure that your e-commerce site appears the same across all kinds of digital devices. The total number of smartphone users surfing the net on their gadgets has increased by 43% over the years.

  1. Companies will be more visible on automated social media

Conduct a search with the keywords ‘shingle roofing’ on your web browser and you’re most likely to see the Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profile pages of companies and firms on the top of the SERP. Make your site optimized for listing on automated social media.

  1. Footages will continue to make an impact

Upload sufficient YouTube videos on your site if you’re serious about improving its SERP ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 62% of all searches on Google are for videos and footages. Videos will help you garner a better rank on search engines compared to static texts or contents.

  1. Aggregation of content will play a stellar role

Upload and upgrade content that basically revolves around wiki, social media, Google maps, videos, and images. Users look forward to obtaining info about a specific topic at a single place or site.

  1. Users will be completely hooked on mobile apps

As per one survey by Tech Crunch, users are seen dabbling in apps for 89% of the time they remain online. Station enough links and hyperlinks of popular apps that connect to your site directly.

3 SEO methods that you should avoid to get your website ranked well

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The techniques of SEO keep changing and it is really important to stay updated with the change in dynamics. If you have been trying hard and you were not able to achieve the desired results then it is time you changed your strategy. There are times when people keep trying pretty hard but it is really difficult for them to rank well on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. We are listing down some of the techniques that you should start avoiding to get your website ranked on the search engines:

Link exchanges

It is high time that you start avoiding link exchanges and reciprocal linking. This technique was really helpful a decade ago, but in present scenario it is very easy for the search engines to understand that you’re using useless links to get yourself ranked. A link is only helpful if it is pointed to a related material that adds value to the website. You can’t just swap links with any other site that’s not related to your niche.

Article submissions

If you have been submitting articles on some popular submission sites like Ezine or other directories then you should stop right now. This is an old technique that has become non-existent. If you’re just trying to get some quick links back for your website then it will never help. You need to make a strategy to create effective blog posts and get your link out on the web through guest posts.

Ignoring design

If you have been ignoring the design and attractiveness of your blog then you need to change your habit. Today it is really important to have effective design that can help you in attracting visitors. It is not just about attracting traffic as you need to make sure that they stay on your website for more time and click on the correct areas.


Do social networks really help in the SEO of a website?


There has been a long lasting debate among webmasters and online marketers when it comes to Social networks and their effects on SEO. Social networking has overtaken all forms of media and most of the users present on the web rely on websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you really want your website to rank well and get more traffic then you can’t afford to ignore social networking.

  • According to recent reports it is estimated that more than two million people register on social networks everyday. This is a staggering amount of visitors and business owners cannot afford to ignore this data. If you have been working on promoting your brand and connect with the buyers then it is important to divert the traffic from social media to your website.
  • You can also take it as a valuable link building process. Creating Facebook posts and twitter profiles helps in promoting links of your blogs. More and more people start sharing your posts and it helps you reach out to people from different parts of the world. You can easily put the links of your website in your posts and the viewers will automatically be re-directed to your website.
  • The competition has been really fierce in recent times and people are leaving no stone unturned. You need to realize that it is important to use all the avenues available on the internet so that you can have your website ranked well.
  • Internet marketing is a new field that has been in demand. The professionals have been coming up with interesting tricks that helps in promoting a brand and reaching out to new users. Online marketing has been a revolution in the field of SEO and you can really benefit from it if you utilize it effectively.

Understanding SEO and its importance

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Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects in the world of internet. None of the websites can withstand the competition in today’s world without having a proper SEO service. Before getting into SEO it is important to have a basic idea of this industry and how it affects the websites. Some of the basic points that can help in understanding SEO are:

  • It comes with a very professional approach and makes sure that the website ranks well. The amount of planning that goes into Search engine optimization revolves around the niche of the website to help it compete with its competitors.
  • One should go for a result based approach and analyze the service of the professionals. It is important for the webmaster to ask for a report that shows the work done on the website. It is very crucial to create reports on the amount of visitors and the earning of the website.
  • Search engine optimization is not an easy job and one can only rely on experts. You should make sure that you have a report on the previous work done by the SEO professionals, so that you invest in the right service. If your website does not get proper results and the rankings do not improve then you should start searching for a better SEO professional.
  • Having patience is also a crucial part of SEO industry. The website does not start ranking well in a day or two. This process takes time and one has to wait at least one month to get concrete results. After a month you can ask the SEO professional a report that shows the amount of work done and the effect that it has had on the website.

The above mentioned points are some of the crucial aspects of SEO industry and they can be really useful when you’re competing with some of the top ranked websites.